By Elizabeth Burns
ISBN 978-0-9928946-9-6
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These small, meditative poems about pottery and the potter’s craft are themselves exquisitely formed vessels for larger enquiry and celebration.

“the overriding sense I have of these poems is as givers and bringers of light, and I believe, as Burns believed in the potters she gives tribute to here, that something of her spirit is contained in what she has created. The pamphlet as an object is beautifully crafted and the poems match this, making it a fitting valedictory statement from Burns, and something that contains elements of her life and the loss we now feel since her death.” Richie McCaffrey, londongrip.

“A pamphlet whose slightness gives way to profound understanding and whose lightness is beautiful discipline. An exhilarating collection.” Judges of Ted Hughes Award 2016

Shortlisted for 2016 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry

Runner-up for 2016 Callum MacDonald Memorial Award

after Vermeer

a thin stream of milk
poured from the heavy earthenware jug
into a tureen

this little slip of liquid
tipping over the lip of the jug
continually flowing

from one vessel to another
as we, all our lives, are being filled
replenished and replenished

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