Saving Fruit

By Lynda Plater
ISBN 978-1-9999728-5-1
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In this, Lynda Plater’s second pamphlet from Wayleave Press, labour, love and belonging are rendered in spare, finely-wrought vignettes from the often hard lives of her family who worked the land and coast of Lincolnshire throughout the twentieth century. From particular moments and precise images she brings the world alive to celebrate the continuity of both family and place.

“It is a lifelong brushing with people who have known and worked the Lincolnshire land that is at the heart of Lynda Plater’s accomplished new collection. Her feel for a touching phrase, her ability both to show and tell, and (not least) her sincerity ensure that this pamphlet, while standing as a unique tribute to her family, will stir the emotions and admiration of those who read it.”  Robert Etty, The High Window

Here’s a poem from the pamphlet which has just been long-listed for the 2019 National Poetry Competition.


 Now fields are ploughed
in lines of brown corduroy
apart from end-rows
where the blade has turned
a shoulder and where
blackthorn, threadbare
after October storms
leaves just a twine
of sloes like tiny buttons
on the boughs, so
we have set out
in the mercy of a dry hour
to the edge of Pinder’s Field
where watercourses meet.
We have come for
the murmuration.
Outcrops of starlings
from Pye’s Hall and
the Brickpit Pond
come in and ravel up:
ten thousand wings frayed
in flight give breath to sky,
fill air with chattering bills
in a vocabulary of mystery.

Then, as they began,
they fold into the cloth of dusk,
its soil and reed, its hedgerow.
As we walk home
our sleeves and shoulders brush.



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