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Image Junkie by Pauline Yarwood
ISBN 978-0-9935103-7-3
Price £5

Pauline Yarwood’s poems have the freshness and energy of someone speaking directly to you, someone you want to listen to. She writes of encounters with friends, strangers, family, herself, alert to the undercurrents of thought and emotion.
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The Promise Boat by Mike Barlow
ISBN 978-0-9935103-6-6
Price £5

These poems are concerned with the way our world can be other than it seems, where the certainties of belonging, borders, history and faith can shift, become illusory, and launch us into unsettling waters.
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The Island by Chris Considine
ISBN 978-0-9935103-5-9
Price £5

In grounded yet imaginative poems Chris Considine evokes Looe Island, a small island off the coast of Cornwall. Though she writes of a particular place, her writing touches the essence of all islands: both of the world and yet apart from it, where ‘Tides rise and fall like breathing’, and when one arrives or departs depends on the elements more than one’s own decisions. This is a place of quiet, a place of storm, steeped in a small history and yet still witness to present celebration.
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Out of Deep Time by Paul Mills
ISBN 978-0-9935103-4-2
Price £5

In writing that is fresh, dramatic and imaginative, Paul Mills reflects on the story of human evolution. The confidence and skills of an experienced writer enable him to inhabit and explore ideas involved in deep time and present the reader with a view of humanity both affecting and broad in scope.
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Plum by Elizabeth Burns
ISBN 978-0-9935103-2-8
Price £5

Meticulously observed and celebrated in precise and lyrical language, this is an extended meditation on a single tree across all its seasons. Completed at the end of 2014, this long poem is presented here as Elizabeth had planned it. Read more…

coronachCoronach by Martyn Halsall
ISBN 978-0-9935103-1-1
Price £5

Whether he’s considering old settlements and ruins, a search for an elusive butterfly or a painting of migrating birds, Martyn Halsall’s atmospheric poems always honour the human presence in the landscape.  A thoughtful and sensitive voice, part celebratory and part elegaic, is accompanied by a powerful descriptive ability. Read more…

three-seasons-for-burnngThree Seasons for Burning by Lynda Plater
ISBN 978-0-9935103-0-4
Price £5

Summer, autumn and winter are the seasons of many of Lynda Plater’s poems in which elegies, forebears and intense moments of recollection mingle. Her distinctive rhythms and language have a songlike quality, part homage, part celebration. Read more…

choosing-new-omensChoosing New Omens by Rebecca Bilkau
ISBN 978-0-9928946-8-9
Price £5

The experience of moving from England to start a new life in Germany with her German husband provides the background to these vivid and thoughtful poems by Rebecca Bilkau. They chronicle the mixed emotions that come with upping sticks and making a home in a new country. As well as the struggle with language, identity and belonging, there is also an outsider’s perspective on regional culture and history. Her rich and energetic language is underpinned by an engaging honesty. Read more…

Clay by Elizabeth Burns
ISBN 978-0-9928946-9-6
Price £5

These small, meditative poems about pottery and the potter’s craft are themselves exquisitely formed vessels for larger enquiry and celebration. Read more…

hove-toHove-to is a State of Mind by Mark Carson
ISBN 978-0-9928946-7-2
Price £5

Drawing on Irish roots, a career as an ocean engineer and time spent in Africa, Mark Carson’s poems are very much at ease with themselves as they evoke and celebrate particular experiences: a cross-cultural encounter camping in the bush, a night-time call-out on a research vessel at sea, a chance meeting between youth and beauty in the west of Ireland, all vividly described as if the reader were there too. Read more…

monkeypuzzle-sMonkey Puzzle by William Gilson
ISBN 978-0-9928946-6-5
Price £5

Bill Gilson is an American from New England who came to live in Cumbria with his young family in 1995. In these utterly distinctive poems he writes of the conflicting emotions of this transition. Conflating the past and present almost seamlessly, here is one man’s attempt to confront the puzzle of how we end up living the lives we do. Read more…

whitesilence-sThe White Silence by Jane Routh
ISBN 978-0-9928946-5-8
Price £4

These poems relate to Sir John Franklin’s 1845 naval expedition to find the ‘North West Passage’ through the Arctic ice. However, rather than a narrative account of that disaster, Jane Routh is drawn to the mystery of what is not known, even unknowable: the ‘white silence’ of ice and of the expedition’s demise – like the silence of a white page an artist might face at the start of new work. With intelligence, wit and touching homage to an episode in history that still haunts us, her poems place Franklin both in his own time and our own. Read more…

scowcroft-web-smallMoon Garden by Ron Scowcroft
ISBN 978-0-9928946-1-0
Price £5

Whether he’s writing about a sheepdog on the Falklands, a constellation or a colony of storks, Ron Scowcroft’s thoughtful and well-honed poems draw you back for futher reading. His practiced ear for just the right word enables him to make ordinary moments uncannily affecting, while also placing them adroitly in their wider context. A poet who never tells you too much but leaves you thinking. Read more…

burns-web-sA Scarlet Thread by Elizabeth Burns
ISBN 978-0-9928946-2-7
Price £4


This elegantly crafted sequence of poems about Scottish painter Anne Redpath displays Elizabeth Burns’ sensitivity to colour, place and time as she contemplates the life of the artist. Read more…

keith-web-smallBy the Light of Day by Pauline Keith
ISBN 978-0-9928946-3-4
Price £5

These poems draw on Pauline Keith’s childhood experiences in the family slaughter-yard. With an unflinching eye, emotional resilience and strong compassion she portrays the gruesome yet everyday business she grew up around. Here, that formative environment has produced compelling images and recollections in poems which throw light on an aspect of our world not often dwelt upon. For all their subject matter, these are rewarding poems of sensitivity and honesty. Read more…

coates-web-smallCrazy Days by Carole Coates
ISBN 978-0-9928946-4-1
Price £5

When her life was inexplicably thrown into turmoil, Carole Coates had both the presence of mind and the skill to record the experience and in so doing has produced beautiful examples of how personal difficulty can transform itself into art. With candour, compassion and wit, her common-sense and intimately pitched voice manages to convey, in a deeply affecting way, the confusion and pathos of the situation she and her husband struggled with. Read more…

barlow-web-smallThe Folded Moment by Mike Barlow
ISBN 978-0-9928946-0-3
Price £5


Drawing on the experience of living in rural north Lancashire, Mike Barlow’s poems evoke the sense of another world, one in which he is both intruder and intruded upon. His woods, fells, river and stones with their weather and atmosphere are at times almost animate – wilful and contrary – whilst his own presence is ‘flawed by thought’. Read more…