Wayleave Readings

The Kendal Poetry Festival runs from 16th to 18th June this year. On Sunday 18th June it will feature Wayleave Press with readings from poets Ron Scowcroft (Moon Garden), Rebecca Bilkau (Choosing New Omens) and Paul Mills (Out of Deep Time), while Mike Barlow will talk briefly about the experience of editing and running the press. More details to follow.

The Lancaster and Scottish launches of Elizabeth Burns’ Lightkeepers were both very successful with full houses to hear engaging and moving presentations and readings from the editors Jane Routh and Gerrie Fellows, and Alan Rice, Elizabeth’s widower. In Scotland we were also joined by Alison Burns, Elizabeth’s sister. Sales were excellent too. Many thanks to both venues, The Meeting House in Lancaster and The Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh.

The proposed Wayleave London reading at The Poetry Café has now been postponed due to building work at the café. It is hoped to re-schedule when the dust has settled.

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